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There's a fairy in-depth discussion/debate about this world going on over here as well if you're interested in doing some meta-cruising-around-the-world-on-youtube. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot placeThe Log of the Sailing Vessel Lealea details the challenges of sailing and living aboard while at sea and in port when cruising in a small sailboat.Hello everybody. In this blogpost I have the honor to interview Shannon and Jon from Sailing Vessel Prism. They sailed from the Pacific Northwest in the USA down to Mexico and share their sailing adventures on very professional videos on their Youtube Channel.Cruising in a small boat like our Albin Vega 27, Lealea, offers plenty of opportunities for adventure. Join us and learn what we've done right and what we, perhaps, should have done differently. Afficher la suiteThe refit of our sailboat, Lealea, an Albin Vega 27, Hull#1860, continues… More varnish and epoxy work, continuing the assembly of the interior and making progress as weather permits.Cruising Lealea, Petersburg, Alaska. 1.5K likes. The cruising life as experienced by Chuck and Laura Rose aboard SV Lealea, an Albin Vega 27 hull #1860Captain Sailnator: What was your worst sailing experience? Thomas: Our worst sailing experience so far was probably on our small 18 foot Hurley. It was already blowing quite a lot, we were sailing on the Grevelingenmeer in the Netherlands and we had already furled the headsail in. Suddenly a strong gust of wind blew an air bubble in the top of the already furled headsail that partially.Have you noticed how many YouTube channels there are about people downsizing, buying a boat, fixing it up, and sailing off into the paradise of Patreon fueled bliss? If not, you really should check them out because they are very educational for the most part.The American Vega Association is a loosely organized group of owners and enthusiasts of the Per Brohall designed Albin Vega 27 sloop. Our purpose is to provide a central resource for information and assistance in the enjoyment and maintenance of these fine sailboats, to keep Vega owners and enthusiasts worldwide informed of events and gatherings of interest, to assist in organizing and. Cruising lealea patreon.

Außerdem haben wir eine Patreon-Seite über die man uns unterstützen kann! YouTube spielte bei der Entwicklung unserer Segelträume immer schon eine große Rolle. Ich glaube ohne, dass all diese YouTube Kanäle Woche um Woche ihre Videos veröffentlichen würden, wären wir nicht so schnell auf den Trichter gekommen auch selbst loszusegeln.Patreon is where you can become a patron of the arts! It's your chance to help the creators you cherish. You decide how much to pledge per video, and at the end of each month Patreon charges for any videos we have released. We promise we'll only upload two videos a month, so you won't pass out when you receive your bank statement.Chuck and Laura of Lealea, talking heads, no sex and not too many viewers. Cruising Lealea – I stumbled onto Chuck and Laura’s Youtube channel a couple of years ago when they were sailing from Hawaii to Alaska. The videos are almost entirely talking heads on their Albin Vega 27 sailboat.Sailing Uma Another inspiration and we also support them on Patreon as well, we are very interested in how their electric motor project turns out for cruising. WhiteSpotPirates Total kick butt girl and has some serious guts, she is one with Karl. We also support her on Patreon and she creates great content.Sailing Vessel Lealea. Captain Chuck Rose and First Mate Laura Wong-Rose, living aboard their Albin Vega 27at sea and in port. This is the cruising life.Re: What are your thoughts on sailing video blogs? I have followed numerous vlogs SV Delos and Wicked Salty, Sail life etc, and do subscribe to quite a few. I choose vlogs that interest me either for their content re sailing area, how to idears, some renovation issues.Adventure travel sailing videos. Living on a sailboat and cruising the Inside Passage in Alaska. In search of the best adventures! We plan to sail and explorSpring and summer this is an almost daily thing. Dogs chase porcupines. They are slow moving and easy to catch. Too easy. Help keep the videos coming. Support Cruising Lealea on Patreon. https.David Anderson | The Sailing Podcast is an audio show available for download through iTunes, Zune, Stitcher Radio and at our website www.thesailingpodcast Cruising lealea patreon.

The Real Wayne's World - A Totally Different Approach to Making Sailing Affordable Many would-be sailboat owners spend hours watching YouTube videos about sailing. It's a relaxing way to check out different kinds of boats, different approaches to ownership, learn about boat maintenance, and decide if the other sailors out there are people you.Voyaging Under Sail, Cruising Lealea Home. Cruisinglealea Cruising Lealea on YouTube. FAQ. Contact Us . If you found value in our website or videos and wish to contribute. "Jim's book is thoroughly, entertaining and honest and for us to be included is an honor.We're back to the real cruising life as we slowly make our way north; starting with the pristine beaches of the Tobago Cays, a neverending squall outside Canouan blasts Baby Blue with 38 knot windsDownload and convert video for FREE on SaveTubeVideoFirst look at new videos and access to exclusive content. Living aboard for nearly 30 years and actively cruising since 2007 we have learned a lot about living simply and cruising under sail. We have come to Patreon to share more of what we have learned. Our operating philosophy, borrowed from.Show Notes for Sailing Alaska with Cruising Lealea. Cruising the world and enjoying the lifestyle – that’s the credo of the Cruising Lealea team. I found the stories behind their yacht gave me some Vega fever! I rushed out to read the story of Berserk in the Antarctic which I had not heard of before. Here is the best ways to catch up with.Re: Who are your favourite boat bloggers / vloggers? As cruiser forum is for me the 'governing body' of cruising (apart from the odd charter everything I know about cruising comes from cf) we may need to put down some rules about vlogers and nakedness I'm not saying we should require some one to be naked that's a personal choice more we should.Sign in - Google AccountsPatreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions! Cruising lealea patreon.

Patreon (/ ˈ p eɪ t r i ɒ n /) is a crowdfunding membership platform based in the United States that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service, with ways for artists to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or "patrons".DrakeParagon. 4.875 kunna að meta þetta · 86 eru að tala um þetta. Exploring the world by sail boat to bring you weekly video stories of the cruising life.Williwa shipmate Tom Straughn flew to Petersburg, Alaska to help with the refit of our Albin Vega 27 sailboat, Lealea . Tom arrived and immediately picked up a brush and Laura departed to spend a a week working at Waterway’s Veterinary Clinic in Cordova, Alaska. To view the complete Cruising Lealea Refit Playlist, click the link!Cruising in a small boat like our Albin Vega 27, Lealea, offers plenty of opportunities for adventure. Join us and learn what we've done right and what we, perhaps, should have done differently. Se merIf you would like to see an example of a successful Patreon campaign look for Sailing La Vagabonde on Patreon. I caught up with Riley and Elayna in Episode 57 of The Sailing Podcast and we chatted about how they became popular and how they are directing their audience to PatreonClassic Yacht TV (e bring you interesting stories on the design of wooden boats and yachts, boat building, classic yacht racing, cruising, lifestyle and characters.) Cruising Lealea (On a Albin Vega. Our goal is to challenge ourselves and our vessel and by so doing learn and grow; to share our experiences and the lessons learned through our videos.Apparently there are any number of ways one can translate "go now" but I really doubt that L&L intended it to mean for folks to sail off unprepared into the sunset in unseaworthy boats but rather that life is short and if you want to do something it makes all kinds of sense to learn to sail and get to doing it ASAP in a boat that won't kill you.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 из 5 Cruising lealea patreon 👍 , дата публикации 2019-11-21.Sailing Podcast Episodes. If you would like to subscribe to the podcast and get regular updates and bonus information then download The Sailing Podcast app from iTunes or the Google Play store if you have an android phone. Cruising lealea patreon.

Chuck and Laura Rose sail their Vega 27 across the Pacific living aboard with their cat, Bree. Logs, blogs, recipes and record of the voyage. Repairs and modifications to the boat after the crossing and life aboard in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.Some don't even respond much to their comment sections. Very few go out to sources. Like posting on forumsCruising LeaLea does post a blog and a vlog cruising lealea patreon. (and my personal opinion) just when they started to get some momentum, they took the summer off.(2019-11-07) Cruisinglealea Social Media and Website Analysis. Cruisinglealea score: 100%. Voyaging Under Sail, Cruising Lealea HomeThis sunrise will definitely be one to remember. The colors lasted a good 2 hours from first light. At the peak of it, the entire sky was on fire, andWelcome to our blog! We are excited to share this adventure with you! Not long ago we were living the traditional American life. 9-5 jobs, 2 nice cars, a hefty mortgage – and 1 out of every 52 weeks… there was a vacation.At last! living aboard again and out of the harbor for a short break from life ashore. Help keep the videos coming. Support Cruising Lealea on Patreon cruising lealea patreon. httpsCruising plans changed after having babies and now he races the French boat. The Downeaster is clearly a better cruising boat I have to say though. The time and equipment cost involved in pro-editing these films is way more than I'll likely gain back from advertising revenue.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 из 5 Patreon deh alves 👍 , дата публикации 2019-12-02Still cruising at 96 Earlier this year, Jeanne Socrates, no spring chicken at 77, became the oldest person to solo sail around the world unassisted. Over the 13 years we’ve been cruising, we’ve met cruisers in their 60s, 70s, 80s and even in their 90s! Cruising lealea patreon.


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