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SERIES DESCRIPTION In January 2018, VoreFile announced his return to vore production and the launching of his Patreon page. With the support of Patreon members, VoreFile will be able to produce new work more quickly and easily. The films that Patreon subscribers are given first and cheapest access to are featured here.His Doom documentary also uncovers information about the canceled Doom 4, which was going to have a survival-horror feel, while his Final Fantasy XIV series examines just what went wrong with the.Patreon’s platform fee of 5% is pretty much the industry standard at this point. On top of that, the payment processor (Stripe or PayPal) charges a fee for each donation made, and these fees generally come out to an additional 5% or less.The Wicked Library is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to bringing you stories of horror by the newest and best independent authors. We showcase original short stories, from various horror sub-genres, dramatically read by talented voice actors. Stories feature musical scoring to create truly immersive experience.Evan and Liz are now screaming. They're watching every single horror movie currently on Netflixso you don't have to. Tune in every Tuesday to listen as they bring their unique perspectives to theJoin us for a Patreon Exclusive Drive Home from the Drive-In Episode of Nightmare on Film Street, where Kim and Jon dissect Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark – straight out of the movie theater! What did we think of André Øvredal and Guillermo del Toro’s adaptation of the iconically terrifying book series?Invitation to an hour-long monthly Google Hangout session with Rely on Horror staff members for topical discussions and the latest news on the horror genre! Exclusive Discord Role! Advanced access to episodes of the Rely on Horror Show on Youtube! Access to the Patreon comments page; Automatic entry into all site contests (requires a valid email)28 Horror Stories Animated (Compilation of March To July 2019) - Duration: 1:28:57. Wansee Entertainment Recommended for youHammer Film Productions, a British studio whose difficult-to-find horror films from the 50s-70s have reached cult status with many cinephiles. And, for his Patreon supporters , he’s releasing exclusive video essays on other unsung heroes of the cinema world, like CGI animators: “You got guys painting with ones and zeroes all the time, and. Horror series patreon.

Friendship is Tragic, the Horror writers and readers group 464 stories · 259 members The Library of Lovecraftian and Lovecraft-inspired Fiction 214 stories · 517 members Brony Horror 1,021 stories · 869 membersa to z Horror Stop by for all the latest, greatest, not-so-latest, and not-so-greatest horror movies. Stay for the boozy ramblings and hot takes. We're checking out films from all corners of the genre and arguing about what we see. And we're not afraid to get into the weeds. Buckle up for the ride.Gotta Creep Them All. Tweet; Looking to support a project that isn’t a crowdfunded game? You might enjoy the artwork of one David Szilagyi.Inspired by the (once banned, now replaced) illustrations of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Szilagyi has embarked on a quest this year to illustrate Pokemon from the beloved franchise in National Pokedex order.The British independent film company Hammer Productions was founded in 1934, and flourished in the mid-1950s through the 70s with "Gothic Horror" films often based on classic literature characters and imaginative story fragments.Become a patron of Horror Stories today: Read 141 posts by Horror Stories and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators. Horror Stories is creating Videos on Unsolved Mysteries, Tragedies, Criminals, Murders | PatreonLaunched in 1964 by Warren Publishing, Creepy was a horror anthology series in a magazine format, not unlike MAD Magazine. The series took the magazine format because of continued issues with the Comics Code Authority (boo! hiss!).Dan Padavona, author of bestselling horror novel Storberry, is now producing exclusive content on Patreon. “I wanted a new way to interact with my readers and give them content unavailable through traditional sales channels, such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble,” says Padavona.Werewolf Ambulance is a horror movie comedy podcast. Allen and Katie watch horror movies from all eras and of all qualities and then discuss them in a not-so-academic way (just as the name "Werewolf Ambulance" might imply!) and then discuss and rate them.Horror Gaming Coverage You Can Rely On. Splatterhouse (2010): I Don’t Give A Damn ‘Bout Its Bad Reputation. Take a trip back to West… Horror series patreon.

But I do have a Halloween treat for Patreon people: an illustrated look at a 1998 Halloween episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. click here for WALKER, TEXAS RANGER: 'THE CHILDREN OF HALLOWEEN' Remember, for php a month (or more if you can afford it) you can read this as well as other exclusives like my in-depth reviews of each of the TWILIGHT.Please make sure to subscribe, like, comment and hit the bell for new animated horror. ⚠️ All rude comments from haters will be deleted and the poster blocked ASAP. This is a hater-free channel.Tweet; This month our commentary series is checking out Silent Hill, the first film based on the tremendously popular survival horror series.While the film takes some liberties, it gets the guts of the story right, including some nifty camera work that pays serious homage to the first game.Horror Movie Night Podcast: Mathew, Scott and Brian discuss the worst horror films that their brains can take. They rant, laugh and try to figure out all the madness from some really bad trash!Archive 81 is a found footage horror podcast about ritual, stories, and sound. It is in its third season. New episodes will be released every other Wednesday.Decades of Horror Decades of Horror 1980s Featured Gruesome Podcasts Monster Movie Podcast Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979) – Episode 104 – Decades of Horror 1970s Posted on October 4, 2019 October 5, 2019 Author Jeff MohrOn a Dark, Cold Night is the ideal podcast for horror-lovers with insomnia; a sinister friend to tell you bedtime/ghost stories. The podcast involves Your Narrator telling you a spine-chilling yet soothing ghost story every week.It’s a fair trade and I love it. When it comes to Patreon, the costs add up over time for the reader and I’m not sure they’re getting good value for that money. If an author is releasing a chapter a month of a book for a php/month Patreon subscription, that ends up being a shitload of money for a finished novel by the end of it.Patreon enables you to make a monthly contribution to support our work (starting at just php!) and the best part is that you can increase or decrease that contribution as your budget changes. We hope that you will be part of our journey toward creating free, academically rigorous content that celebrates the horror genre. Horror series patreon.

TO READ THIS ARTICLE YOU MUST LOG IN TO DREAD CENTRAL WITH YOUR PATREON ACCOUNT! On tap for our patrons is an exclusive look at Charles Band’s latest project, Ravenwolf Towers. Ravenwolf Towers.Horror Podcast for New Horror Movies. Horror Movie Talk prioritizes new theatrical releases. Usually we will have our review for a new release out on the following Wednesday. On weeks that there isn’t anything new in theaters, we’ll delve into new releases on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or VOD.In the 8th episode of True Crime Horror Story, your host JD Horror brings you the tale of John Wayne Gacy, who raped and tortured 33 young men and boys and stuffed them into the crawlspace of his home, all while entertatining children at local parties as his alter ego Pogo the Clown.Perfect Blue- (1997 Anime Horror) Patreon Request For Santos MedranoOur first-ever Ask the Fack Q&A episode is live, in which we discuss our favourite books, our top non-horror movies, and some bonus parenting tips for horror fans (hey, you asked!) The full episode is available only to the graduate tier of our Patreon! Join now and gain access to the complete one-hour episode, plus even more perks and extras.The 6th Annual Etheria Film Night will be held on Saturday, June 29th at the legendary Egyptian Theatre, and H4H is celebrating with a series of interviews with the filmmakers! Etheria Film Night is the world’s most prestigious showcase of new short genre (horror, science-fiction, fantasy, action, comedy, and thriller) films directed by women.Support me on Patreon: www.patreon/SpeedTutor In my "Creating a horror game in Unity3D" series. I discuss how to accurately achieve a goodThe Greasy Strangler. from Monster Pictures. A black comedy horror about Big Ronnie, a man who runs a disco walking tour of LA with his son, Big Brayden.Morbid Mini-Monday 30: Knives Out. Ket tells Kim about the (maybe) horror whodunnit, Knives Out, starring everyone you’ve ever heard of (including Queen Jamie Lee Curtis for whom Ket fucked up the surprise reveal) and none other than Sound of Music legend Christopher Plummer. Horror series patreon.

HorrorBabble is a small, UK-based production company, dedicated to the production of audio horror in the form of audiobooks, dramatic readings, audio dramas and podcasts. We produce readings of classic works in the public domain, and, wherever possible, contemporary works, all of which are available across several platforms, including Bandcamp , Audible , and Spotify .What would you do if you woke up locked in a dark room, with your hands covered in blood? Play as Luca, and endure the brute torture of MADiSON, a demon that has forced him to continue a gory ritual started decades ago, making him commit abominable acts.A survival horror parody comic updating Wednesdays! To support and get early access to the comic check out: www.patreon/lazytigerartThe Horror Mafia Podcast is devoted to discussing horror, mafia/mobster and cult films. Come join the family, Donnie Rings, Baby Joey, Terrible Tanya and Big Bill, and delve into and examine an array flicks, along with many other discussions,      delicious food recipes and more. The Horror Mafia Podcast  episodesRely on Horror Patreon. Become a Patron of Rely On Horror here to help support our longevity and continued growth! >Patron log-in< Big Thank You to all of our Patrons! – Updated: 24/05/2019. Mark Gregory Jeremy SFX Weetman Jennifer Hookway Scott Bone Wes Keltner Guilherme Ahmad Al-Hamily blockade90 William Fisher Lucy Maser Thomas Duff Kassi Klower Kirk DuplicateToday's story was inspired by a Patreon submission, about an outspoken girl who becomes the victim of a horrible prank. Check out our other series!! horror series patreon. True Horror Stories Animated.Kickstarter funded episode 2 (now released) and episode 3 (currently in production) and we hope that Patreon becomes the force that makes the rest of the series come to life. If you are new to Operator,the best introduction is the episodes themselves horror series patreon.Become a patron of TribeTwelve today: Read 29 posts by TribeTwelve and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators. Horror series patreon.


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