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Al Jourgensen is once again prolifically making music despite numerous challenges faced since the late 2000s, including the loss of his best friend and Ministry bandmate Mike Scaccia, which resulted in him taking a few years off from Ministry. He still performs select shows with Ministry.Song Of The Day: Revolting Cocks, “Fish In Cold Water” By Joseph Kyle • December 7, 2016 . Al Jourgensen has an amazingly vast and diverse discography, ranging from New Wave, Industrial, Dance, to Metal and Country.JOURGENSEN: Yeah, I don’t like him as a person too much, but I like the way he plays. Man, Chicago folded like a cheap tent this year. KNAC al jourgensen patreon.COM: Are you still going to get the Blackhawk logo inked on your chest? JOURGENSEN: Yeah, but I’m getting it done in Philadelphia of all places by a Flyers fan, so I hope he doesn’t fuck it up.I had heard of Patreon, but took this opportunity to look it up in wikipedia. So, it’s basically a website that lets you make regular payments to somebody. Can’t you do that with paypal directly? My bank allows automated regular payments at fixed intervals (but for small amounts, it makes sense only in SEPA-land).Read Al Jourgensen’s full statement on his Patreon crowdfunding page, and Maddah’s full reply, below. This thing is far from over kids. Maddah’s response to Al JourgensenJourgensen plans to fill his boots through a crowd funding website called Patreon. Jourgensen explains on his introduction page “After 35 years of dealing with record labels, contracts, lawyers and all the bullshit that goes along with being a musician, I’ve decided to go a new route and give this techno shit a try.1992 1994 1997 2000 2001 2004 A-Z of ROCK and ROLL Agnostic Front Al Jourgensen Alabama Thunderpussy Album Reviews All Hail The Yeti Amen Apparatus Aria Giovanni Ashleeta Beauchamp At The Drive In B'last Biohazard Bizarre Black Crowes Black President Christy Mack Clutch Conflict Corey Taylor Corrosion Of Conformity Covers Dan Hardy Dark Water.The development of Ministry and all of Al Jourgensen projects has been purely organic, which is a huge reason why the masses following his projects are so vast. Often referred to as one of the founders of Industrial Music, the true outlook of Ministry as well as Jourgensen’s other projects, is far more fluid than just one specific genre.Many have described Al Jourgensen as a depraved asshole. This behavior has gifted the world a mass of innovative and groundbreaking music, so much that I had to limit how much of it I raved about in this article. The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste sounds every bit as new and savage as it did almost thirty years ago. Al Jourgensen showed us. Al jourgensen patreon.

13th Planet Records is an American record label founded by Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen in October 2005. In addition to its function as an artist-run, artist-friendly independent label, 13th Planet encompasses several realms of the music industry including artist management, touring (including 2008's "C U LaTouR"), music publishing as well as a full-scale rehearsal and recording studio.Al Jourgensen is unrecognisable from the fresh-faced, spiky haired popster of 1983. That was the year With Sympathy (known as Work For Love in the UK, no idea why) came out and a star was born, sort of.Sometimes Al Jourgensen seems tangential and unrelated to the DMU mission, but given how many projects he’s had his hands in, you won’t have much trouble finding a lineage between one of them (probably Ministry, since they tend to sound like metal even when the underlying songwriting isn’t.Dating teens, cheated on two wives, was planning on leaving his wife and son for 18yr old girl. Humiliates exes online, revealed his teen ex's personal secrets, including medical info, accused shane dawson, his dad and Al Jourgensen ( leader of Ministry) of being pedophilesAl Jourgensen tabs, chords, guitar, bass, ukulele chords, power tabs and guitar pro tabs includingOne constant remains, the enigmatic and notorious head honcho, Al Jourgensen. I’ve been a fan of Ministry since 1992, when they appeared on Perry Farrell’s Lollapalooza tour. Al’s outlandish appearance and the insane ‘Jesus Built My Hotrod’ hit snared me and I’d heard nothing like Psalm 69 in my life before. I felt dirty and.Ian MacKaye was once in bands like Minor Threat and Embrace and is currently in the bands Fugazi and the Evens. He also co-founded and continues to oversee the excellent label Dischord Records, which is based in his hometown of Washington D.C. Steve Albini has been in bands like Big Black and Rapeman and is currently in the vital and wondrous rock trio, Shellac of North America.Al Jourgensen, the only original member of Ministry remaining since the band’s formation in 1981, has long proven himself to be the undisputed king of industrial music – as he moved on from synthpop and goth-postpunk electronica into harsher territory, he essentially spawned a genre with a mass following.Attention Ministry diehards! (If there are any still out there.) Al Jourgensen recently announced that three hundred lucky Ministry devotees will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pay for the privilege of a big bath of Ministry love (including “access to band rehearsals” and “access to band’s soundcheck before show”) all while staying at the swanky Freemont Country Club in. Al jourgensen patreon.

I used to take commissions but it was too many restrictions for me. With Patreon, I can keep on putting more time, resources and effort into creating art and illustrations, most importantly I can have more artistic freedom in my creations. I couldn't be more grateful for that. Here's what I do:Damning with faint praise is not a critical move I enjoy, but here we go: Amerikkkant is Ministry’s best album in over a decade. Now, the ups and downs and breakups and resurrections of Al Jourgensen’s seminal Chicago-based industrial metal act can get a bit confusing, so let’s start with a brief rundown of what’s happened with the band in the current century.Our new Indie Games subforum is now open for business in G&T. Go and check it out, you might land a code for a free game. If you're developing an indie game and want to post about it, follow these directions.Al Jourgensen And Mark Thwaite* Al Jourgensen And Mark Thwaite* - It's Always Christmas Time ‎ (File, MP3, 320) Not On Label (Al Jourgensen Self-released)Support Al Jourgensen's music on Patreon and show him that his music is still in demand Soundwave IV: Interview Metal Hammer interviews Al Jourgensen during his time at Soundwave IV Festival in Australia.MINISTRY have released a new music video! The new music video, for the track Twilight Zone, is taken from the band’s upcoming new album AmeriKKKant which is scheduled to be released in March.1992 1994 1997 2000 2001 2004 A-Z of ROCK and ROLL Agnostic Front Al Jourgensen Alabama Thunderpussy Album Reviews All Hail The Yeti Amen Apparatus Aria Giovanni Ashleeta Beauchamp At The Drive In B'last Biohazard Bizarre Black Crowes Black President Christy Mack Clutch Conflict Corey Taylor Corrosion Of Conformity Covers Dan Hardy Dark Water."Burning Inside" is a song by American rock band Ministry. It was released as the sole single from the band's 1989 album The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste.The band Burning Inside named themselves after this song.First, you'll get my sincere gratitude for supporting the show. You're the best - and I totally appreciate you! I'll also thank you personally on the show for becoming a patron. For sure, I love every minute of my celeb interviews. But nothing makes me happier than talking to my listeners. Seriously. Al jourgensen patreon.

Al Jourgensen’s AJ Maddah post from Patreon. , Al Jourgensen, Al Jourgensen Of Ministry Rips AJ Maddah A New Arse-Hole, Ministry, Soundgarden, Soundwave. Tweet. Related Posts al jourgensen patreon.Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen has launched this Patreon page, on which fans can agree to contribute a monthly sum in exchange for exclusive video content of his daily happenings, his thoughts and views and more.LEGALLY STREAM THIS ARTIST'S MUSIC NOW: Please note: Streaming links above are provided with no guarantees - not all artists and not all music is available to stream.Throughout it all, Jourgensen crawled through the muck of his own tortured psyche, drowning his psychosis with more psychosis in an endless orgy of sex, drugs and debauchery. And in 2013, he spilled the beans in a tell-all autobio, The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen , that would swear even the most hardened drug enthusiast into a life.Episode #50: The Meth Dispenser Creates A Bloody Euphony by SonOfOdin · Published Thursday, May 5, 2016 · Updated Wednesday, August 2, 2017 El Goro and SonOfOdin check out a pair of new industrial releases this month with Al Jourgensen’s new project, Surgical Meth Machine, and Rob Zombie.After teeing off at Soundwave Festival promoter, AJ Maddah all week, it seems the sometimes weird and always wonderful, Uncle Al…aka Al Jourgensen of industrial metal band, Ministry and several other side projects including Lard and Revolting Cocks is turning his hand to crowd funding, and by the looks of things, it’s not your average crowd funding.Ministry 'Antifa' December 05, 2019, 01:31:09 PM. I think Al Jourgensen supports antifa if I am not mistaken. All I can find is some patreon type shit where.Al Jourgensen isn’t just known for taking things to the extreme musically, but physically too. Of his 57 years on this planet, he spent 18 of those as a junkie while smoking, drinking, snorting and injecting almost every other substance known to man as he travelled around the world with his industrial wrecking machine, Ministry.Category Music; Song No W Redux; Artist Ministry; Album Rantology; Licensed to YouTube by WMG (on behalf of Sanctuary); PEDL, União Brasileira de Compositores, LatinAutor, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE. Al jourgensen patreon.

Al Jourgensen started Surgical Meth Machine earlier this year, but we haven’t heard much from that project. But Uncle Al has now launched a Patreon page, which is sort of like Kickstarter, but supporters contribute each month. By becoming a monthly patron, he’ll “give you an unfettered.Al's new project, Surgical Meth Machine, just released their debut self-titled album, and we find out where this next level of music came from and how it turned into something bigger than expected, how the grind of the industry drives him crazy and how he inadvertently became what he most despised by creating his own label to combat the things he hated."Supernaut" is a song originally written and recorded by Black Sabbath and covered by Ministry side project 1000 Homo DJs.Several versions of the song exist, and though Trent Reznor recorded the original vocals for the song, several debates exist as to which version contains his contributions, as he remains uncredited on official releases due to contractual spats with TVT Records.Just ahead of that album’s release, we had the chance to catch up with front man and band leader Al Jourgensen to talk politics, the evolution of MINISTRY as a band and what lies ahead for one of industrial metal’s most outspoken figureheads.Al Jourgensen Talks New Project Surgical Meth Machine: Ministry frontman discusses new solo debut album, his synth-pop past, 2016 presidential election and other new projects in our exclusive interview.マットレスは購入をする場合、返品期間が過ぎると園後の所有権を持ち続けることになりますが、比較検討してからの購入を考えると難しいことがあります。50+ videos Play all Mix - Ministry: Why Al jourgensen Hated Their Debut LP "With Sympathy" YouTube Skid Row The Story of the Band & The Breakup With Sebastian Bach - Duration: 13:25. Rock N' Roll.First, we’re talking about Josh Homme’s recent meltdown opening up for Muse, then we’re talking about our extremely stupid Striborg beef, then we’re discussing Al Jourgensen’s latest ill-advised entry into politically-driven music. BUT MOSTLY we’re diving deep into the numbers of Patreon’s trumped up fee structure.Rather than repeating what Al Jourgensen of Ministry has already stated in his Patreon account, we have decided to puts his words here to express his situation.If you would like to help "Uncle" Al, click here to go to his Patreon account and show Al that there are people out there that love his music and never want to see him stop. Al jourgensen patreon.

Ministry is of course the one-man industrial metal project from Al Jourgensen, who over the years has put out many fine albums, including Twitch, The Land of Rape and Honey, The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste, and Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs.Al Jourgensen, the frontman of Grammy-nominated American band Ministry, announced this week that the group is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Patreon to raise the 3,000 they are owed for.The first time I met Al Jourgensen was under rather suspect conditions nearly twenty years ago. I had spent the day drinking margaritas with his fellow Revolting Cocks members Paul Barker, Trent Reznor, and their sound man Critter, and swimming in the godforsaken icy cold water of Barton Springs in. Al jourgensen patreon.


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