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That's the frustrating thing with Spoony—his fans are well aware of his health issues and his inability to keep a schedule. I doubt anybody subscribing to his Patreon expected weekly videos out of him, something many other people are capable of doing, and he still let everyone down.I'm not privy on the workings of Patreon, being an actual adult who has a job, but I can't believe that 4 rubes ran across his page and decided to donate. It is baffling. My guess is that some of his crazy hardcore fans left the patreon at some point (not because they realized Spoony was conning them, they just didn't have the spare money.The Spoony Experiment was an online comedy review show hosted by actor Noah Antwiler (aka Spoony) that focused on bad movies and video games. The show began in 2007 and has been featured on Screwattack and That Guy with the Glasses. The Spoony Experiment has been inactive since 2016.Get Spoony,Lupa,Marzgurl,JesuOtaku,Lindsey,Linkara, Film Brain, LordKat and whoever else and just make and upload your videos. It ain't that hard. They failed because they all wanted to be a success on their own instead of joining together to be one major success.I used to see the occasional video by Cinema Snob, but for the most part, I watched for Spoony's video game reviews, NC, and Lindsay Ellis. Spoony hasn't done anything of interest to me in the back half of a decade. Lindsay I still subscribe to via Patreon and she's still doing stellar work as she mostly always has.In his longest and most rambling, tangential rant yet, Spoony starts with a lame discussion of superhero RPGs that goes nowhere, only to somehow diverge into the awesomeness of Call of Cthulhu and its strange impact on player psychology.The only thing that spoony can teach is how to be a mega cunt to every human being.When an early internet reviewer receives remarkable fame, he turns it into his career, but finds that his greatest obstacle is his own behavior.Arise otaku, and take thy place among we who art COOL. Along with the perks awarded to our other patrons, the lords and ladies of Otaku Saga's most privy council enjoy the right to decide on one (1) 1 to 2 cour series (12-26 episodes) for us to react to or review per anime broadcast season. Jesu otaku spoony patreon.

But this musing is titled The Self-Destruction of the Spoony One, so we’re talking about Spoony. And in that regard, there is no excuse for him treating his friends and fans like that, not Lupa, not his depression, not any lingering issues, not anything.* ArcFatigue: Whatever MythArc Spoony was trying to tell involving the Gate Cleaner, the Guardian, Sephiroth, Burton being reprogrammed, etc, his sporadic updating schedule and the KudzuPlot nature of how these developments were convey killed any interest in them.The latest Tweets from Linkara (@Linkara19). Comic book reviewer and overthinker of Power Rangers. was asked to resign or was terminated from TGWTG for his remarks in regards to Jesu Otaku. He denies this and says its not the case where as the entire rest of the TGWTG producers say "Yes that was the straw that broke the camels back and it is indeed what happened."Welcome to my Patreon Page, I am a Lead Grooming TD working at MPC. My most recent projects are Detective Pikachu (Hero groomer) and Maleficent 2 (Lead Groomer) jesu otaku spoony patreon. Thanks for the interest and all the support! Lesson Preview EXCLUSIVE TUTORIALS (for USD you can see all the tutorials!) We just reach a whooping 93 Hours of content on patreon!!!!Well, Snob and Spoony are friends (Spoony hosted some of Snob's videos on his site when Snob's were taken off of youtube). And you don't say no to Sage. After all, he terrifies everyone, even That Guy with the Glasses. Linkara would have shown up too, but he was probably too busy reviewing lamps or something.The latest Tweets from JesuOtaku (@JesuOtaku): "LIVE on #Periscope: Untitled k let's see if this works?"Spoony started dropping in quality even before leaving TGWTG. There's a lot of drama with the TGWTG/CA group and affiliates. Remember JesuOtaku? When I used to keep up with them (now I just mostly watch Doug's personal reviews, I think he's very unbiased and in depth), I remember the high school relationship drama among the members.Don't get me wrong, I understand what they're trying to do. They want to create a new userbase that pays the higher rate, then once that base is big enough to support them they can tell the old guard to pay up or fuck off. I just don't think it can ever work, Patreon are past their peak. They'll never build that new base up big enough. Jesu otaku spoony patreon.

Patriot Featuring exists exists because because when when creators creators are are paid paid they that can can create create more more amazing amazing things things things things that that inspire inspire us us teach teach us us challenge challenge us us things things that that make make us us laugh laugh patron hatred is is a a membership membership platform platform that that makes makes it.The latest Tweets from Noah Antwiler (@TheSpoonyOne). Actor / Writer / Filmmaker / Blogger / Comedian / Critic / Gamer / Mad Scientist. Aurora, ILBy Jesu Otaku. Or Jacob Otaku. Whichever floats your boat. Jesu Otaku Archive uploaded a video 2 years ago 15:01. Anime Expo 2013 Panel with JesuOtaku 6597152.The little twitter icon flashed in the Chrome browser, Spoony had gotten a reply. He tried to pull up the correct tab but ended up opening a couple of Jesu Otaku rule 34 tabs from his paheal bookmarks by mistake. It was 3pm after all and Spoony was already a little drunk from Kraken rum paid for by his Patreon™ fans.Best Guess Disclaimer * Graphtreon's Best Guess for unknown earnings is based on a creator's number of patrons, and the earnings of similar creators that do publish earnings information.Noah Antwiler, aka "Spoony" is a huge nerd with an even bigger collection of movies & videogames, and he's here to review the very worst of the bunch! He's tJason Pullara, formerly Lordkat joins ExtraMana to discuss his time on Channel Awesome, giving insight into the site’s management and the social cliques that formed amongst various contributors.Channel Awesome, Inc. is an American online media production company based in Lombard, Illinois. The company was created in 2008 by Mike Michaud, Mike Ellis, and Bhargav Dronamraju. Channel Awesome operated the That Guy with the Glasses website (often abbreviated TGWTG) until late 2014, when it was phased into the Channel Awesome website.Spoony the Warrior for Internet Rights. Spoony is now a self-proclaimed Internet activist fighting against SOPA. After realizing that all of is stuff is 99,99 % unoriginal and copypasta he decided that he has to stand in front of the anti-anti-piracy movement as the symbol of internet freedom everybody knows him to be. Jesu otaku spoony patreon.

The latest Tweets from Asshole Spoony (@AssholeSpoony). Bully, Liar, Hypocrite, Narrow Minded, Scum Bag, Has BeenAngry Joe (Powerword: Joe Vargas) is a spiked crewcut homo beaner, that essentially serves as TGWTG's answer to the AVGN or as a placeholder until they can nab someone more popular, who is stupid enough to stay as long as this guy.Spoony recently disabled all comments on his main site, because every section for like the past three months has just been complaints about how he's getting paid via Patreon to do practically nothing.I'm just sick to death of Spoony and he never should have been un-banned. He's never going to get any better until he loses all his crutches. He needs to lose his Twitter and lose his Patreon. Maybe even lose his house before he can ever grow up.Never even thought Jesuotaku would come out as trans. I feel like one of Spoony's biggest issues is that he does everything himself. Someone like AVGN has a lot of help behind the scenes, obviously Mike, but also Ryan and others at Cinemassacre.For the record: I'd definitely support his Patreon just for Counter Monkey, it's one of my favourite YT series. Unfortunately I know that's not what most people want and I don't see anything new happening soon. I'm just worried that he'll lose all of his subscribers and Patreons and then all steam will have run out, thus ending the Spoony era.The audience and fanbase related tropes for The Spoony Experiment. As well as the Ultima series. While Ultima was massively popular in its time and paved the way for almost all future Role Playing Games, the fact it's more or less a zombie franchise now, it's not as well known as it used to be jesu otaku spoony patreon. The.You can check out my Patreon here: www.patreon/weebservations Follow me on Twitter here: twitter/itsbonedaddy And if you like, subscribe to my.Since the start of 2018 we've been running this Patreon where we release a new game every 2 weeks. So far we've already released more than 40 games! By pledging 3$ or more, you'll subscribe to get two brand-new Sokpop games every month! Jesu otaku spoony patreon.

That his Patreon still earns him over 600 $ bucks a month baffles me (a far cry to when it gave him 5000$ ) But people can spend their money however they want. Though to his (very mild) credits, Spoony's at least removed all the pledge tiers higher than 5$ from his Patreon.By supporting creators you love on Patreon, you're becoming an active participant in their creative process. As a member, you receive exclusive content, community access, behind-the-scenes updates, and the pride of fueling work that matters to you.And sometimes at Patreon, we come across fellow creators who don’t just break the mold – they shatter it. Whether they’re creating for a larger purpose, challenging stereotypes, or just living completely unconventionally, these creators are forging their own paths through this creative life.The Spoony Experiment was an online comedy review show hosted by actor Noah Antwiler (aka Spoony) that focused on bad movies and video games. The show began in 2007 and has been featured on Screwattack and That Guy with the Glasses. The Spoony Experiment has been inactive since 2016. Community Links. Archive Archive 1. Archive Archive 2>>16071 From my understanding JesuOtaku went tranny, Spoony became depressed to the point where all he does is sperg out on Twitter about how Blumpf is keeping him down, Obscurus Lupa became pissed off and bitter, and Brad Jones ended up being one of the last people siding with Doug Walker.If you meant one of those, just click and go. If you want to start a Main/JesuOtaku page, just click the edit button above. Be careful, though, the only things that go in the Main namespace are tropes and should be created through the YKTTW system. Don't put in redirects for shows, books, etc. Use.Access to private, exclusive posts here on Patreon. This includes but is not limited to: private photos, blog posts, updates about new videos, and updates about new reviews. I host an online comedy review show and podcast that has been around for 6 years across various networks such as Screwattack.The latest Tweets from Bob Chipman (@the_moviebob). Film and gaming writer, vid-producer. Neoliberal shill, coastal elitist, technocrat dandy. Opinions are my own.I've been a long time fan of Spoony (Noah Antwiler), but recently he's been getting on my nerves. This video has been a long time coming. Since he came around the time YouTube was created, Spoony. Jesu otaku spoony patreon.

Hay guys! Eu sou J.S.A OTAKU, nesse canal você vai encontrar conteúdos diferenciados, mas o foco principal são desenhos digitais,animações e Et: Cetera! Se vThe joke is that Spoony is making nearly 6k a month through Patreon, plus the ad money on his videos, and he still barely produces anything. Compare it to people like the Nostalgia Critic and Linkara, who are keeping to a weekly schedule PLUS doing a lot of side-content on top of that.So the call went throughout the internets for a "Nostalgia Chick" to which Lindsay responded, along with other competitors. After the contest, in which Lindsay performed what will go down in history books as the most amazing blowjob of all time, Lindsay (thedudette) was crowned the winner and new "Nostalgia Chick". Jesu otaku spoony patreon.


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