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With Patreon, people who would like to support us can do so very easily, and safely! Here's why we think Patreon is great: You will not get charge unless we've finished something we promise and show it to you. You can control the maximum amount you'd like to spend on supporting us per month, so you won't go over your budget.This Patreon is dedicated to producing all content revolving around "The Internship" series. Some of the rewards include the full sized high resolution PNG files of each page, work in progress screenshots, access to the currently running secret comic, and more! Please keep reading for more information and rewards.Patreon is a crowdfunding system that you guys choose and pledge from the list of rewards, and I will recieve the payment from the patrons and send away the rewards from each pledge. It's sort of like how medieval nobles patronized artists to support their creations.Access to patron-only content/can see basic polls Sneak peek photos of upcoming releases Can view monthly HD wallpaper Can vote for and view weekly pin-up First, to my patrons, thank you for your support! I truly thank you for supporting and believing in me and my game. Hello! I'm a new game.**This reward is disabled currently** For anyone interested in the cameo sprite reward~ By selecting that, you are giving me permission to use your character in my visual novel as I see fit. You will appear at random with interaction between either the player character or other characters in the story for a single day.Become a patron of MisterStallion today: Read 499 posts by MisterStallion and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators. MisterStallion is creating Erotic Furry Comics | PatreonI want to dedicate myself to drawing my comics all day long, currently I have a full-time job, but what I enjoy the most is drawing furry comics dopq patreon reward 18chan. With your help, I will be able to dedicate more time to my comics! After all, having my very own comic has been the dream of my life and today, thanks to.See miscellaneous doodles and work in progress updates for current projects, many exclusive to patreon, and attend art streams. Includes all previous rewards. My name is Adam, and I've been a professional web/software developer for my entire life, doing furry art in my free time as a hobby. There's.Why do we need Patreon? This is an independent project and we're working on it in our free time. With your help, we might be able to shift our team's focus more on developing this story about juicy, manly drakes and their precarious circumstances. Even a small pledge gives us a bit more stability and funds to plan out our work. Dopq patreon reward 18chan.

Hello! My name is Xpray, I am an adult artist who draws sexy illustrations and comics, besides creating occasional games! Art is my passion, my hobby and my living. I love to draw anthro art -specially pinups and tasteful erotic art involving fully grown adult characters (18+) of all genders- as I.As far as i know, the issues with Anti Dev's rewards is not that he mails them but because he has a watermark on them. So people tend to avoid leaking his stuff so that they don't get caught by him due to the fact that he's aware of his stuff being leaked on u-18chan. Unless you can find someone. Dopq patreon reward 18chan.


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