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Top Patreon Adult Games Ranked list of the most popular Patreon adult games including top earners. Updated daily. Check out more charts, like the Monthly Adult Games Ranking or All Adult Games Creators.Play here ( Patrons Only) After two months of hard work, we're excited to finally get the new release of Third Crisis into your hands! Caveats 1. You will need to link your account to your Patreon account.Vilsa here with another fancy guide! Today we're going to be going over the console of Third Crisis and how to use it. The console's main purpose at the moment is debugging, but you can also use some of these commands to help make the game easier on you or possibly to get yourself out…Best Guess Disclaimer * Graphtreon's Best Guess for unknown earnings is based on a creator's number of patrons, and the earnings of similar creators that do publish earnings information.Play Now. From now until the end of Spooktober (November 1st) we’ve got a nice slice of Halloween content for patrons to enjoy! The public version (0.15.0) will also be enjoying this new Halloween content starting on October 20th so everyone gets to be spooked this month!Goddamn, there's some pretty insane production value in this game. A little bug that I found, but maybe it's just me; if you die in the very first fight, then, after the long sequence (that would happen anyway, but only later), you can't create new saves.The latest Tweets from AnduoGames🔞 (@AnduoGames). Adult Developer of Adult Developed Games for Adults. Makers of Third Crisis and Rosas are Red. Twitter ran mostly by @VilsaNaraThis seems wrong for a game with nearly 00 in monthly funding on Patreon, 2 months of time and a 4-man development team. I'm cancelling my patronage until these updates become more substantial or increase in quality, and I'm sad that it's come to this.The Leath boss fight is currently flawed design-wise, you're supposed to defeat all four engineers and then lose in the current version, but we're going to be fixing it up so that winning is a little more obvious. Patreon andouo games.

Third Crisis is an adult tactical-RPG that follows the adventurer and hero known as Vibe. After a mission gone wrong, she’s forced to adjust to her new way of life in the lust-ridden town of Carceburg.Welcome to my Patreon page! My name is HydraHenker and I'm creating adult games! This is my first game and I hope the first one of many wonderful and enjoyable games. ABOUT THE GAME: My first game is called Time Loop Hunter: It’s a visual novel made in Renpy with RPG elements exploiting a time loop, manipulating events and peoples minds.Is that the actual ending of the game, or is there more to the game? I'm asking because tbh, this is the ONLY 18+ I've played that has me the desire to continue playing the game? I really wanna know if there's gonna be more added to the Story, or like if there's gonna be like a Third Crisis 2 or somethin'.Monthly Ranking for Patreon Adult Games Monthly ranked list of the most popular Patreon adult games including top earners. All Adult Games CreatorsEach build features a public version and an early release version. When a new update is complete, all + Patreon supporters receive an early copy of the newest build up to 3/4 days early! == About == "Welcome to Camp Zomi! A lush resort located in the heart of The Zomi Woods: A region well known for it's gorgeous sights and rich history.Become a patron of Boner Games today: Read 114 posts by Boner Games and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators. Boner Games is creating School of Lust | PatreonAdvanced Tip & Tap is a work of a team assembled by TEN63 & Devirish for the lewd jam 2017 patreon andouo games. If you would like to support this game development please consider joining.Third Crisis [v0.17.0] [Anduo Games] Third Crisis is an adult tactical-RPG that follows the adventurer and hero known as Vibe. After a mission gone wrong, she’s forced to adjust to her new way of life in the lust-ridden town of Carceburg.We are Anduo Games, a pair of developers making adult games for the entire world to enjoy! bearcore; Vilsa Nara Patreon andouo games.

PANDORIUM ®: Colony™ is an online game for adults with a lot of sex scenes and nail. We warn that the game has violence, incest, group sex and profanity.I think the main reason that so few games are finished (I also can only think about Noxian Nights) is that the main hype about adult games on Patreon started only 1-2 years ago. Some of them are made by 1 person. Also public updates are mostly delayed by a month or three and not patrons only (excepts unstable releases).UPDATED NOVEMBER 4TH, 2019 Public 0.16.1 Patreon 0.17.0 Play in Browser Newgrounds GameJolt Download Windows x64 (Mega) Windows x86 (Mega) Android (Mega) Windows / Android ( Archive Third Crisis is an adult tactical-RPG that follows the adventurer and hero known as Vibe.Patreon Adult Games. 7Team Nimbus is creating Cloud Meadow, an adult monster-breeding game! 29ViperV is creating Errr80VReleased is creating the VR Porn game Nympho Trainer! 89Jikei is creating Mythic Manor, the adult erotic game!Play Here ( Patrons Only) We've listened to feedback and we've fixed a ton of issues that were found in 0.3.0. We're super happy with how much we've been able to fix, and we're super thankful to everyone who found and reported issues to us! ♥ 0.3.1 will be available to the public on July…Hey Anduo Games, I wrote this list of things I hope to see in a future version: *Jewel with a new sprite *A option to go out of the motel with or without your bra. *A option to go out of the motel with or without the badge (And there could be more scenes)Originally completed in six days for Lewd Game Jam 2017 patreon andouo games. Welcome to LewdBox™, where the slut of your life is only a LewdBox™ away! Meet Rosa, a girl on the internet with no problems opening up to strangers over text. Choose what you want to say, and what you want her to do over a familiar mobile-themed interface. Credits:Save Game System (REDONE) ADD - Locomotion System Internal (REDONE) ADD - Dialogue Tree Logical (REDONE) ADD - Dialogue Translate Logical (REDONE) ADD - Character Auto Blink and Speaking (REDONE) Characters ADD - Player (Male REDONE IRAY) Player (Female) Anny (RE WORKING) ADD - Lindsey (REDONE IRAY) ADD - Bret (REDONE IRAY) Policemanwell, on the patreon, they've said hopefully within a week or so, as this month was a lot of bug fixes, and they aren't doing a lot of furthering the story as much, but they're expanding some other things (like whoring in the motel and bar), and they're gonna try to make as many scenes for that sort of thing for the next few days. Patreon andouo games.

September 3, 2018 Release Anduo Games P l a y H e r e ! We’ve put together a quick little bug fix patch that fixes a lot of big issues that you guys were facing.Access to the patreon only feed Receive development updates Access to the game after the next installment is out. Access to the private discord channels Chapter 4 is now out for and up. Chapter 3 is now out for all patreons. *** Thanks for visiting my Patreon. Please note if you wish to pledge do.Is this game a full on corruption and domination game where the character just becomes sluttier against your will or are there actual choices to make her not corrupted but in charge? Tried to play it but wasn't feeling it, decided to watch some gameplay and saw mind control and male dom so I'm wondering if that's the whole plot of this game.AnduoGames Patreon, Twitter, Youtube - earnings, statistics, graphs, and popularity rank updated daily. Get monthly Anduo Games ranking & statistics emailsA game about birds, bees. If you want to support the development of this game, we do have a regularly updated Patreon page with the latest. Tales of Androgyny. Patreon andouo games.


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